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Sold 125 EVO Senior Rotax, Tonykart 401R Chassis With Personalised Bodywork - East Sussex


Retirement package ready to race, superb condition.

Complete with many extras and spares, e.g new Mojo D5 and Mojo wet tyres, 4 sets wheels including OTK MXC and MXJ's, complete set of original Tonykart bodywork, hubs short medium and long, short and standard length rear axles, both plastic and steel rear bumper, numerous sprockets, Kelgate wheel alignment lasers and Inox Sniper lasers, wheel and tyre preparation equipment, Air compresser, Digital tyre pressure gauge, Rotax engine accessories e.g 11 tooth clutch for wet conditions plus extraction tools. spark Plugs and chains etc.

In addition the kart trolley, foldaway bench and toolbox.

Kart raced at Bayford Meadow until 2020 season when Covid struck. Engine rebuilt May 2020, chassis alignment health check same year.

Used on only 3 occasions since, practise at Bayford and Lydd, less than 3 hrs. runtime.

Delivery notes

Can deliver to Buckmore, Bayford or Lydd, otherwise collection from Eastbourne, East Sussex.

This item is now sold

Price: Sold
Brand: Tony Kart (29)
Model: 401R (2)