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Your next step?

Many people ask me to recommend which kart to buy; I have a page of different kart classes click this link.

I would recommend finding your local kart club. Different clubs run different classes. So the best advice will be from your local club. You don't want to buy a kart and find out that you have to travel 100's of miles to race it. Click the Kart track page to find your local track. 

Or you could get some training at a kart school 

Minimum Requirements to Start Kart Racing

  • A kart must comply with MSUK regulations (most clubs will help you with this and the karts hired usually do comply with these rules)
  • A crash helmet and overalls. Crash helmets use MSA Snell regulations CMR/CMS2007. These standards cover motorsport helmets for children and helmets with one of these two labels are mandatory for all under-15s at MSA sanctioned events (although over-15s may also use them). Children’s helmets are lighter than adult helmets, so this is important. The kit you borrow should also be up to spec.
  • You must be at least 6 years old and hold a competition Licence (other than for Kart Endurance Licenses). You may also need a Medical Certificate. But from 6 you can now also do your arks test. 



 A longer infomaton video about starting karting.